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Kerosene Lanterns and Oil Lanterns are a reliable source of efficient home lighting. Lanterns are an essential Survival Preparedness item. Don't be caught in a Blackout. Join with our thousands of satisfied customers and friends and light your home with Vermont All Brass Dietz Kerosene Lanterns. It's an American tradition.

Our all brass kerosene and oil lanterns fit the bill if durability combined with elegance is something you are looking for in alternative home lighting. You are sure to be fully satisfied with our durable products. The lantern bodies are made of Real Brass construction, elegant and durable. This gives you several important advantages over other types of lantern bodies made from painted steel, crome plating, or glass. Real brass lanterns will not rust as is the case with those made from steel! There is no flaking or chipping with a real brass lantern as often occurs with painted or crome plated lanterns! And Real Brass will not crack or break if accidently dropped, as will an ordinary glass lamp! No kerosene or oil spills. No broken lamps. With Vermont oil lanterns you get the durability you are looking for at affordable prices and the elegance deserving of the interior of your home.

Special Note to Our Customers: You may find brass lanterns on other web sites — however, you could pay as much as five times the price for the same item. You always get the most for your money and the quality you are looking for with our high quality Vermont oil lanterns.

Long before the invention of electricity, oil lamps lit American homes for more than a century. Many people think that the traditional American lantern may again become the only reliable and safe alternative source of home lighting.

Be prepared — don’t leave your family standing in the dark!

According to experts it is prudent to be prepared for power outages. Here in Vermont we saw just such an outage from a severe ice storm during the winter of 1998. We were sure glad we had an oil lantern or two on hand. Ask the residents of northern Vermont or eastern Canada (Montreal) if they think its not prudent to be prepared. If you are one of those millions of Americans now planning for alternative lighting, then we strongly recommend that you purchase a minimum of four or more Vermont oil lamps for your home.

Lantern (lamp) oil , liquid paraffin, kerosine, and citronella oil are currently readily available fuels, sold almost anywhere in the United States, which can be safely burned in our lamps. Purchase a few gallons of fuel from your local dealer and store it safely away with your Vermont oil lantern. Sit back with your family and relax — you are now ready, even if disaster strikes.

Alternatively, you may be thinking that a dozen candles and a flashlight on hand will easily take care of any emergency situation caused by power cuts or black outs. That’s true, provided the situation does not have aggravating circumstances. In a prolonged emergency situation, when the power grid has failed, power outages could conceivably last much more than a couple of days. The grid could be down for weeks, or even months. In such a scenario, battery powered lighting units will begin to fail, and widespread use of candles presents a formidable danger to life and property. However, oil lamps provide safe and economical lighting.

Every year, candles cause more than 9,000 domestic fires in the United States alone, resulting in property damages in the millions of dollars, and deaths in the hundreds. The American National Red Cross advises against candles. Why risk it? If you are going to prepare for the possibility of natural disasters, then keep the safety of your family a high priority. A Vermont oil lantern is a time-tested part of American history, safe and easy to operate.

In the event that the Power Grid goes down, the family whose home is lit by a Vermont Oil Lantern will look like a family of technological wizards. The neighbors will say, "Why didn’t I think of that?" So you might want to stock a couple of extra lanterns just to help out the family next door. After all, survival is about working together and helping our neighbors. We believe in the old Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared." Whats wrong with that? Think about it for a minute. Why do we wear seat belts? Why do we have insurance? It is to help us thru unforseeable and unfortunate circumstances. We sure sleep a lot better knowing we are prepared for most situations. Pick up a lantern or a few yourself to light your way thru the millennium.

What are you going to do when the grid goes down? We have done the math and it would literally take an act of God to supply each and every home in America with alternative lighting should disaster strike. Our staff is dedicated to meeting that challenge, but sadly someone is going to be left in the dark. We hope that’s not you.




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