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Vermont Oil Lanterns will fully satisfy you, if durability combined with elegance is something you are looking for in alternative home lighting. The bodies of our kerosene and oil lamps are made of Real Brass construction. This gives you several important advantages over other types of lantern bodies made from painted steel, crome plating, or glass. Real brass will not rust as is the case with those made from steel! There is no flaking or chipping with pure brass as often occurs with those that are simply painted or crome plated! And brass will not crack or break if accidently dropped, as will an ordinary glass lantern! With Vermont Oil Lamps you get the durability you are looking for at affordable prices and the elegance deserving of the interior of your home.

Special Note to Our Customers: You may find brass lamps on other web sites — however, you could pay as much as five times the price for the same lantern. You always get the most for your money and the quality you are looking for at Vermont Oil Lanterns.

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